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Government of Sierra Leone Press Release

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Tuesday, 17 September 2013 03:29
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Government of Sierra Leone press release the ministry of finance and economic development has observed with dismay over the non-compliance of certain ministries/ departments and agencies:

To the requirements the guidelines stipulated for the budget discussions that is taking place in Port Loko town. This situation has created undue delays and other inconveniences that are affecting the smooth running of the discussions as scheduled.

In light of this, MDAS are advised in their own interest to make sure that they attend the discussions well prepared in terms of the relevant information required namely:

1. Strategic plans for fy 2014 - 2016 including; 2. Report on all on-going projects with status of implementation; 3. New / proposed project (donor and government funded) with detailed costs. 4. Sources of funding (revenue) including donor and internally generated 5. Revenue projections for all revenue generating agencies; and 6. Electronic submission and 40 hard copies of the above documentations. 7. Finally MDA's are further reminded that failure to abide by these guidelines will leave the budget discussions committee with no other option but to stand down the non-complying MDAS. We therefore, urge all MDAS particularly the remaining ones to comply fully with these requirements in order to avoid unnecessary inconveniences. We thank you in anticipation of your full cooperation.


The Ministry of Finance and Economic Development is a Key arm of the Government of Sierra Leone mandated to to formulate and implement sound economic policies and public financial management

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