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IFMIS Team holds Sensitization Workshop For ICT Cadre Staff of Ministry of Information

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Tuesday, 27 November 2018 12:44
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The Integrated Financial Management Information System Team under the PFMICP in the Ministry of Finance has on Thursday 22nd November 2018 held a one day IFMIS sensitization workshop for ICT Cadre in the Ministry of Information and Communications at the conference Hall of the Ministry of Finance.

The Sensitization workshop was as a result of the PFMICP June 26th to 28th World Bank mission in Freetown in which three key areas associated with IFMIS Change Management such as IFMIS roll out, IFMIS implementation and IFMIS Change Management issues affecting the IFMIS were discussed.

In his Presentation the IFMIS Technical and Support Officer in the Ministry of Finance Abdulai Bah divided his presentation into seven sections which included the following:

1) What is IFMIS?

2) Advantages of IFMIS

3) Disadvantage

4) IFMIS Solutions

5) Concise History/ Background of IFMIS in SL

6) Existing IFMIS Infrastructure


Abdulai Bah, in his presentation went on to say that the Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS) is an automated system that enhances efficiency in planning, budgeting, procurement, expenditure management and reporting so that Government could take macro decisions that affect the country as a whole.

Giving a concise history / background of IFMIS in Sierra Leone, Mr. Bah explained that the Government of Sierra Leone commenced implementation of the IFMIS in 2005 using an COTS application from Freebalance Inc. Freebalance version 6.1 and also HCA for pay roll calculations, which was later Upgraded to HCA63

Speaking about the advantages of IFMIS the IFMIS Technical Support Officer stated that IFMIS allows Government to regulate security access that increases overall data integrity and security.

He added that with all information on a single location, financial fraud is harder to perpetrate and easier to catch. Mr. Bah highlighted enhanced management of cash debt and liabilities of the IFMIS System. The IFMIS have the ability to use historical information to provide better budget modeling processes and increase decision making efficiency.  Mr. Bah noted that the IFMIS reduced for financial transactions.

Mr. Bah pointed out that the only disadvantage of the IFMIS is that the system requires continuous support and maintenance to ensure integrity and functional use of the system. 

Mr. Bah revealed to the audience that a draft of an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) between the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Information and Communications and other IFMIS MDAS with regards IFMIS Maintenance support and the handling of related equipments will be availed respectively in the coming days. The presentation was climaxed with questions and answer session.


The Ministry of Finance and Economic Development is a Key arm of the Government of Sierra Leone mandated to to formulate and implement sound economic policies and public financial management

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