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NPPA holds Stakeholder Workshop on The Status of The E-Government Procurement Project

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Tuesday, 08 May 2018 09:15
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The Public Financial Management Improvement and Consolidation Project ( PFMICP) in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development (MoFED) in collaboration with the National Public Procurement Authority(NPPA) has ended a one day stakeholder workshop on the status of the E -Government procurement Project held on Friday 11th May 2018, at the Bank of Sierra Leone ( BSL).

The objectives of the workshop was to inform stakeholders  of the various findings of the E - Government Procurement to get their input and to further inform them of the proposed next steps / phase in the implementation process.

It should be noted that the workshop provided the opportunity for all to have a common discussion and share various viewpoints and resolve conflicting concerns. The fact that this is the first time that an E- Procurement System is being launched in the Public Sector requires intensive engagement of all stakeholders in order to be assured of their buy-in. There is need therefore for workshops at various stages of the process that would require bringing together specific stakeholders.

The workshop targeted Procurement practitioners, vote controllers, and Local  Councils.

In his welcome address the  Head of Monitoring and Evaluation  Unit at the National Public Procurement Authority(NPPA), Alfred Coker said  the National Public Procurement Authority, have been working on E- Government Procurement for some time now noting that  the NPPA was  with the believe that it will take some time for E-GP to become functional in Sierra Leone. He went on to say that with the intervention of the World Bank, NPPA was able to accelerate the process as they are concerned about transparency and accountability in the procurement process in Sierra Leone.

Mr Alfred Coker, also said that serious concerns have been raised over the years with regards the procurement process and the impact that procurement has on the economic system of Sierra Leone especially within the Government Sector.

He said with the support of the World Bank  a Consultant was hired who for some time now has been given technical advice to the NPPA, working also in provincial areas rendering technical support to the National Public Procurement Authority(NPPA).

Mr Coker, hoped that the Sierra Leone within the next couple of years will be able to move to integrate E-Government Procurement(E-GP) System and further expressed delight with the progress made so far for the commencement  of the E-Government Procurement process.

Presenting his findings about E-GP the consultant Ramanathan Somasundaram, said the if the registration of contractors (i.e. Class 1-4 and premier) registration done by the Ministry of Works can be made online, e-gp system can automatically validate supplier qualification, stating that the system will allow a bidder to submit bid only when the bidder complies with he requisite class of registration.

Ramanathan went on to say that the Public Procurement Act has the requisite to enabling provisions for implementation of e -GP, noting that the Government needs to publish e-GP specific Regulations under the Act.

He went on to say that the IT Contract Management needs to improve. He said subjecting IT systems to 3rd part security audit, 1.1  DC - DR set -up, Exit and transition Management, a full - fledged PMU and Change Management are some of the areas where IT Contract Management by Govt of Sierra Leone agencies needs to improve on.

He maintained that tender records take valuable office space in Government offices .when needed, it is difficult to track old tender records. He informed the participants that late bid submission creates awkward situation.
The Consultant Ramanathan Somasundaram, highlighted some of the recommendations:

•     Hire the best PMU resources (i.e) especially the Senior resources

•    At least 2 key resources have to be on-boarded within the next 4 months

•    Except for software implementation & servers, engage others costs as separate  contracts

•    Modularized payment terms

•    Review the RFP in great detail. Every word count

•    keep the costs low. Move fast.


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