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Finance Minister & Chinese Ambassador Signs 50 Million Rmb Yuan Agreement

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Sunday, 30 October 2016 15:14
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The Minister of Finance and Economic Development Dr Kaifala Marah and the Chinese Ambassador to Sierra Leone Zhao Yanbo has on Thursday October 30th signed a fifty Million RAMB Yuan agreement at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development at George Street. The signing is in accordance with the request of the Government of the Republic of Sierra Leone to the People Republic of China to send a mobile biological safety laboratory to Sierra Leone and help construct a fixed biological safety laboratory with supporting equipments and health workers. It should be noted that the mobile laboratory will be handed over to China after the mission is complete. The fixed laboratory will be handed over to the Sierra Leonean side for management and operation.

The Chinese staff will work in Sierra Leone for six months from September 16th 2014 to March 15th 2015, and the working period can be extended if necessary. According to report the Chinese Government agrees to provide gratuitous assistance of 50,000,000 RMB Yuan, to the Sierra Leone Government, which will be used for implementing the above mentioned project. In his remarks the Minister of Finance and Economic Development Dr Kaifala Marah, welcomed the Chinese Ambassador to Sierra Leone and further thanked him on behalf of the President and People of Sierra Leone for their gesture, noting that Sierra Leone is appreciative of China’s continuous assistance to Sierra Leone both in the area of development and Agriculture, construction, human Resource development and many other areas. He reflects that the relationship between the two countries started many years ago and has reached a point where Sierra Leone and its people will live to remember the role played by China, noting that while the rest of the world was still thinking about what to do about Ebola, China responded. Dr Marah maintained that Sierra Leone deeply appreciated and commended them for their strategy.

The Minister of Finance pointed out that they are gathered again to sign another support as China had advised the government that they have both a medical Mobile Lab and one that is fixed, which he said the Government and people of Sierra Leone highly welcomed the idea, stating that China have made it clear that at the end of the Ebola crisis they may take away the mobile one but the fixed lab will remain in Sierra Leone. He said Sierra Leone will meet their own part of the bargain by way of providing land, reconstruction and installation of the fixed lab and also ensure that duty waivers and all that is required on the part of Government to ensure that this is meet can be done. Responding the Chinese Ambassador to Sierra Leone, Zhao Yanbo, said China share the same feelings for the people of Sierra Leone for such a deadly disease, stating that since the outbreak of the Ebola epidemic the Chinese Government lost no time to send emergency medical materials. He reiterated that China was the first country to respond to the appeal of the Government and the other two Ebola stricken countries ie Guinea and Liberia. He said China, have so far sent three branches of emergency assistance to Sierra Leone since early May, when they sent equipment to prevent the spread of the disease. He added that in August the second batch of personal protective equipment and other medical supplies was sent to sierra Leone, noting that last month laboratories to help stop the Ebola virus rate.

He went on to say that it is necessary to know the Ebola symptoms and root cause to help fight the disease, as China promised the Government of Sierra Leone to provide a P3 level laboratory which according to him is the highest quality laboratories in China. He stressed that Sierra Leone really need a laboratory which they have agreed to provide and hasten to say that his people are working hard in Beijing for the preparation of the construction and to transfer the building materials, doing the designs and said hopefully by next month they will kick off the p3 level laboratory construction. Hawanatu Bockari


The Ministry of Finance and Economic Development is a Key arm of the Government of Sierra Leone mandated to to formulate and implement sound economic policies and public financial management

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