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  • Sierra Leone became an independent country within the Commonwealth of Nations on 27 April 1961 and was declared a Republic on 19 April 1971. In March 1991, Sierra Leone was plunged into a long civil war which finally ended in 2002. While many challenges still lie ahead, the country is on track to move out of fragility onto a more stable development path. It is important as a nation, however, to acknowledge not only how far the country has come, but also to ensure that it stays firmly on the current trajectory. In order to do this a fragility assessment was undertaken as part of piloting implementation of the New Deal for Engagement in Fragile States. This assessment draws on the voices of an inclusive group of Sierra Leoneans to understand the drivers of fragility by examining the past and considering how to consolidate and ensure lasting peace in the future. REPUBLIC OF SIERRA LEONE FRAGILITY ASSESSMENT

  • The Government of Sierra Leone is engaged in development efforts across every sector. Government implemented the Agenda for Change (2007-2012) and has launched the Agenda for Prosperity (2013-2018). Significant progress has been achieved under the Agenda for Change. However, a number challenges remain and will be addressed by the Agenda for Prosperity. Initiated by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, this document contains information on the numerous activities and achievements that are being made in various sectors as well the remaining challenges. This summary will be updated on a regular basis and will serve as a quick reference on the various sectors for Ministers and other public officials when representing Government at meetings, conferences, and official functions, either in-country or abroad. The brief contains sector-by-sector details, including an overview, objectives, achievements, challenges, and the focus for 2013. An overview of the Agenda for Prosperity can be found on pages 2-3.
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